DTG Printing (printer t)

In Kamisetas.com used routinely the traditional screen printing, but for some years a new way to print shirts appeared on the market a printer t or DTG, DTG abbreviation comes from English Direct To Garment since the printer prints directly on fabric, these printers using Epson inkjet technology generally and water-based inks for textile produce extraordinary results in complex multi-colored and large designs.
Stamp a picture with many colors and few units with screen printing is totally unviable for the cost of the realization of the screens, so in Kamisetas.com have purchased a printer of this type allows us to make shirts that we could not before at an affordable price.
Here are a table with prices for make shirts with this technique, if you are interested.

Video print Naranjito (mascot football World Cup '82).

Video printing a complex drawing.

Direct to garment printing (DTG) prices (Including shirts, and taxes)

Tipo de impresión Precio (de 1 a 11 uds.) Precio (de 12 a 23 uds.) Precio (de 24 a 35 uds.)
Camiseta de color claro impresión max. a 30x30cm 13€ 11,50€ 10€
Camiseta de color claro impresión adicional 4€ 4€ 4€
Precio (de 1 a 11 uds.) Precio (de 12 a 23 uds.) Precio (de 24 a 35 uds.)
Precio de los portes (a toda España). 7€ 10€ 12€
  1. The additional printing refers to when we want such a shirt printed on both sides, can be two different designs.
  2. light colored shirts are white, sky blue or beige.
  3. The white color that has the design to be printed, are not printed because the printer does not have white ink.
  4. For pricing table assume that the design is the same for all t except additional printing that can be 2 designs.
  5. The price for each design option is € 5, f. e.g. if we only print 10 shirts front 5 with a design and 5 other design, the total price of serious 13x10 + 5 = 135 €

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